Counseling Services and Treatments

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a directive form of psychotherapy that focuses on the role that thoughts play in our emotions and behavior. As individuals become more aware of their thoughts on a daily basis I will collaboratively develop the skills in clients to evaluate and modify their thoughts and beliefs.  



EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy) is an evidence based treatment for PTSD and trauma based disorders. 

I'm excited to offer trauma treatment to Johnstown, Pa. This technique is utilized throughout the country and now you can get this treatment close to home. Trained by leading EMDR psychologist Dr. Ricky Greenwald of the Trauma Institute I will adapt this approach to your needs and achieve lasting change. 

Marriage Counseling

Couples and Marriage Counseling reduces conflict in families that stem from a variety of interpersonal issues that can cause divorce. I use therapeutic methods to increase positive communication and reduce negative interactions. ​

Infidelity, addictions, lack of communication and lack of intimacy are examples of the myriad of difficulties that occur in relationships. I provide an objective third party perspective and this gives me the ability to quickly problem solve and save your marriage or family from decline. 

Marriage and Couples Counseling

A video outlining my philosophy on Couples and Marriage Counseling

I am fully certified in EMDR

Great group of people I had the pleasure to work with during my EMDR cerfication.

Trained by leading EMDR therapist Ricky Greenwald, I was trained by the best so you expect the best. I'm proud to offer this cutting edge treatment to Johnstown, Pa. 

State grant supports training of therapists on trauma connected with sexual abuse

My Description of EMDR

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)

Simply click on the link below and it will take you to the EMDR International Association website. This provides information on this cutting edge clinical treatment that has 20 clinical trials proving its effectiveness. Links to resources, research and a thorough description of EMDR is included in this site.  

How SSRI's work

If we decide as a team that medications may help I will refer you to a qualified psychiatrist or PCP. 

More useful information

 All of these methods can be used interchangeably and I will use my clinical judgment to decide which is appropriate and when. Everyone that walks through the door is an individual with very specific and different circumstances. One size fits all approaches do not work in therapy and I will individualize treatment to your specific needs.