Depression is a collection of symptoms that include feeling sad, empty, and hopeless. In adolescents and children, this may manifest as anger and irritability.  Lack of interest/energy, difficulty sleeping, low concentration and feelings of worthlessness can also be symptoms of depression. 

Anxiety and Panic

Anxiety Disorders consist of excess worry, muscle tension, restlessness, irritability and sleep disturbance. Some individuals may experience panic attacks that affect their daily activities. This is a very treatable disorder and most clients experience relief within only a few sessions.

PTSD and Trauma Based Disorders

PTSD and Trauma Based Disorders occur after an individual is exposed to a traumatic event. Therapy for this includes EMDR and CBT. At Choices I provide cutting edge mental health services for PTSD and Trauma in Johnstown, PA. 


Addiction is any repeated behavior, substance-related or not, in which a person feels compelled to persist, regardless of its negative impact on his life or the lives of others. Choices is a fully licensed Drug and Alcohol Facility for the State of Pennsylvania. 

Ted Talk on Trauma

The ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) score and why it is important. Choices Clinical Counseling in Johnstown provides counseling services for Trauma Based Disorders. Many times Trauma is the root cause of depression and anxiety. 

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