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Adam Kleinman, LCSW provides the highest quality treatment for depression, anxiety and trauma.

Adam Kleinman, LCSW and Owner of Choices Clinical Counseling

At Choices, you receive one-on-one individual attention in a small, private practice. I am here to answer all your questions and help you define and work toward your goals. My aim is to use all my skill and resources to make a permanent difference in your life. The following is a list of my credentials.

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)- A Master's level mental health counselor who is independently licensed to provide private counseling services

  • Over 15 years of diverse experience providing mental health and counseling services in a variety of settings

  • Certified Trauma Therapist trained by leading Psychologist and author Dr. Ricky Greenwald

  • Extensive training and experience with Attachment Based Therapy 

  • Proven track record of success with Marriage and Couples Therapy 

  • Certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

How I actually help you...

Effective and advanced clinical techniques can resolve symptoms related to depression, anxiety and trauma. As we work through the process, you will find your motivation increasing as you gain insight into yourself and your thinking process.  You will begin to develop hope when you see a brighter future ahead. 

Sleep issues clear up as the underlying causes are reduced, and you become more functional with the right amount of rest. When anxiety, trauma and depressive symptoms decrease you will be more effective at work and within relationships. 

If you decide to work on trauma, you will gain long-lasting benefits as you rid yourself of negative memories that have been haunting you for years. This frees your mind to live a life of confidence and optimism. You learn to reflect rather than react, which creates endless benefits in every social situation. 

When therapy works, the benefits are hard to measure as your new frame of mind will affect every decision that you make. Take time for your most important organ, your brain. I believe that a strong mental outlook and a healthy attitude can dramatically influence the trajectory of your life. 

Why I chose to be a psychotherapist


University of Pittsburgh

I got into counseling by accident, or so I thought. In doing my undergrad at UPJ, I started my first semester without deciding on a major field of study, that is until I walked into my first psychology course. It just fit me and my personality. Sure, I have a natural tendency to want to help people, but it's more than that. I love to problem solve and enjoy the process of psychotherapy. Taking someone that walks in off the street and coaching them to wellness is what I thoroughly enjoy. It is amazing to watch the change.

Master of Social Work

After a few years in the field, I decided to go back for a master's degree. I attended The University of Pittsburgh's Master in Social Work Program and it forever changed my career and life.   The skills and experiences at UPJ shaped me and laid a strong foundation for my career. 

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